Tricks for penis extension

Even old statues or paintings show the man with handsome member and also for the modern porn industry is a long penis as a figurehead . But do not let that intimidate you. For one, you will experience the same, why the length is not so important, and on the other hand there are effective tricks that contribute to a penis extension .

First, however, the question arises how the penis should actually measure . In science , the method has prevailed that with index finger and thumb pulling the penis in the flaccid state forward , and then measure from the base of the penis to the glans tip . The average value in England amounts to about 12.4 centimeters. Only when the length is less than 7.5 centimeters , man should think about a penis extension .

If you want to change your penis length , but keep in mind that just picture porn movies absolutely no scale. For professional ” SexPoser ” is in fact tricked until the walls shake . By optical means can already lead to an apparent penis extension . The leaner the body , the longer affects the penis. Obesity pulls the link “inwards” . About 10 kilograms less weight usually mean about 1.5 inches more visible penis. Also can be visually change through a complete shaving the penis length.

But there are actually a few methods for penis enlargement , which also act . The stretching is one of them . The most common practice is called Jelquen . In this case, the penis is heated , for example, with a warm washcloth . Subsequently, the member is started with massage oil in the shaft up to the glans easily pulled away from the body until a slight tension arises . It is held for about 10 seconds . The stretching should be repeated several times . Special stretching devices for penis accomplish the same task . In this type of penis enlargement but you should make sure that no to fixed voltage is produced. Even with penis pump you can change your size and penis length. In connection with the penis enlargement you certainly are encountered time and again on creams or pills, which are to change the length of the penis . One effect of such agents is sometimes even available science, however these only help in the short term and not for permanent penis enlargement .

Do you need to change the length of the penis but because the sex is hardly ever possible , there is a medical problem that usually makes a surgery for penis extension is required. Of course this is a safe and effective but also costly method . Just when but also the psyche is affected by the problem , the operation is often paid for penis extension by health insurance.

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Before you have , however, already decided mentally to a means of penis enlargement , you should ask yourself whether you really need to change your penis length. Much more important than the length is in fact the thickness . Why ? It’s simple . The female sex organ is sexually irritable at exactly two places – on the clitoris and the first third of the vagina. You read that right , a longer penis is therefore not also more stimulation for the woman , quite the opposite. A short, thick penis stimulates even particularly good.

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