Masturbation is healthy

Masturbation is blind prejudice to the potency, can soften the brain and spinal cord disappear . Do you believe this ? Hopefully not , because that is arrant nonsense from the past . In the 18th And 19 Century believed in science but in fact this humbug and launched large-scale operations against masturbation . Just like the church strengthened himself against masturbation and does so partly still to this day. However, to completely wrong. The love in and of itself , as Woody Allen called masturbation is so beautiful , that even healthy and promotes well-being in many ways. Many seem to know this instinctively , because polls indicate nearly 100 % of men to masturbate every now and then and that’s a good thing. Good reasons for masturbation there anyway to satisfy .

During regular masturbation , the sperm has a chance to age. Already after 3 to 4 days, the remnants of sperm in the testes begin to be bad, by no later than 8 to 10 days, they are completely dead and damage in addition the newly produced semen. A regular masturbation , however , the sperm keeps it fresh .

Another feature of masturbation is the increased production of testosterone. Scientific studies have shown that the levels of the male hormone after masturbation increases tremendously and in turn more sexual lust with him . But not only that testosterone also has a very positive effect on the muscle. To a small extent even some muscles , such as the forearm , upper arm or shoulder are trained by masturbation.

Often we come to the question whether the power can be ” consumed ” by masturbation . No, of course not . Quite the contrary, the power of the man is strengthened by the self-gratification. When masturbation creates a kind of training effect, which can greatly improve the erectile function . In addition, through masturbation can improve endurance during sex , so you hold out longer in bed. Stops man masturbation just before orgasm and then puts a small break to repeat the games a few times, can minimize the risk of premature ejaculation significantly .

Anyone who has trouble falling asleep , should , before he picks up the sleeping pill , maybe even try once hand to create . Because masturbation has a sleep-promoting effect and helps the brain off . It is also believed that the masturbation is useful against inflammation of the prostate , and it could even prevention .

Finally, the self- satisfaction is also important to stay mentally fit. Namely the masturbation can very effectively relieve the everyday or extraordinary stress. This facilitates not only the mind but also provides for strengthening the immune system .

As you can see , masturbation is guaranteed not bad and certainly no shame . Quite possible that masturbation should of course not lead to a complete replacement of intercourse , but any man who has not yet had a bad conscience about the masturbation can be sure that he not only himself , but also his partner is doing something good with it .

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