How does the sperm quality can be increased

When a man makes really concerned about his semen quality ? Exactly, mostly when it is already too late. Male fertility is not , of course, and just when the wish for a child is present, men should also be possible to keep healthy sperm in the eye. But please do not take this literally , for the preservation and increase in semen quality , there are better methods namely – we will tell you .

First, you should make yourself aware of but what makes a good quality seeds at all . Crucial to this question , both the amount of sperm , as well as their size, shape, and motility. The amount can be quite active influence , while you can favor the rest at least .

Testosterone is the magic number one when it comes to semen quality . The key male hormone satisfied in addition to a number of important features that make a man a man, and the regulation of sperm. A high testosterone level provides for a greater amount of healthy sperm . One factor that may be generally beneficial effect on semen quality is diet. Balanced and healthy they should be rich in protein and many vitamins. When the meal plan lots of fish, fresh fruit and vegetables contains that’s worth something . And did we mention lots of exercise , sports, or even add best strength training will feel the sperms fiddle . Because in addition to poor nutrition also contribute to obesity and stress reduction in semen quality . Sport can act against both well known . Finally , much sex also affects the sperm . Frequent sexual activity stimulates sperm production and ensures that the sperm in the testis does not age , but always remains fresh and healthy .

But that is only half the battle in the fight for healthy sperm , because it is equally important to get the seed quality. This is done mainly by the fact that it omits certain things. A long and intense heat on the testicles should in any case be prevented. The weekly sauna session is of course not great affect semen quality , the constant use of a seat heater on long and frequent car rides there is. The testicle is cool by nature , than the rest of the body and should remain so. Another bugbear are cigarettes and alcohol. The two drugs affect people in fact adversely affect semen quality and sperm damage in case of abuse even dramatic. Not many men would however like to do without one, two glass bottles or alcohol, but at least you should not give up on healthy sperm regularly or excessively drinking and smoking at the very best . Of course the same applies to other drugs.

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