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Kamagra review – How it works ?

Kamagra is a generic drug, produced by the Indian pharmaceutical company Ajanta Pharma. Sildenafil Citrate serves as the active ingredient for this drug and is useful in treating both erectile dysfunctions in men and pulmonary hypertension. However, it is mostly used for helping men to deal with the former rather than the latter medical condition. There are many factors that contribute to erectile dysfunction but this medication serves as one of the best options for all men out there.

Ajanta Pharma has developed several variations of their product to cater to the different needs or preferences of the target market. The product comes in three variations Kamagra tablets, gel and jelly.

Kamagra Tablet
Enjoying an erectile dysfunction free evening with the significant other or companion of choice can boil down to taking the right doses of the tablets. As each and every person has a unique biological makeup it is always important to remember to leave prescription to medical professionals. Doctors are qualified to give proper prescriptions based on a person’s medical history to see what doses a man’s body can take. No matter what, it is important to remember to never take more than one dose of the drug every 24 hours.

A single dose of the tablet can help a man with erectile dysfunction deliver the desired sexual performance for up to six hours. The tablets come in two doses which are the 50mg and the 100mg, never exceed the mandated 100mg dose as it may lead to undesired side effects. In certain cases it is possible for a doctor to prescribe a lower dose which is intended to let the body get used to the substance.

Kamagra Gel Like the tablet the gel variant of the drug is taken orally. Unlike the tablet however, it does not require to ingest. Instead, one simply needs to squeeze the gel out of the package and let it be absorbed through the mouth. One of the main benefits of the gel variant is that it acts faster than its tablet brethren. It only takes the gel ten to fifteen minutes to take effect and solve the problems of an erectile dysfunction. The effect can last up to six hours. Like the tablet, consumption of the gel should be limited up to 100mg and one dose a day.

Kamagra Oral Jelly The jelly variant is the most unique product variant among the three listed. It pretty much works in the same manner as the gel with minor differences. It is taken orally, delivers the preferred effect within ten to fifteen minutes, lasts up to six hours, and comes in five different tropical flavours, Black Currant, Orange, Strawberry, Pineapple, and Banana. The jelly variant comes with the same caveats as the other variants.

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Tricks for penis extension

Even old statues or paintings show the man with handsome member and also for the modern porn industry is a long penis as a figurehead . But do not let that intimidate you. For one, you will experience the same, why the length is not so important, and on the other hand there are effective tricks that contribute to a penis extension .

First, however, the question arises how the penis should actually measure . In science , the method has prevailed that with index finger and thumb pulling the penis in the flaccid state forward , and then measure from the base of the penis to the glans tip . The average value in England amounts to about 12.4 centimeters. Only when the length is less than 7.5 centimeters , man should think about a penis extension .

If you want to change your penis length , but keep in mind that just picture porn movies absolutely no scale. For professional ” SexPoser ” is in fact tricked until the walls shake . By optical means can already lead to an apparent penis extension . The leaner the body , the longer affects the penis. Obesity pulls the link “inwards” . About 10 kilograms less weight usually mean about 1.5 inches more visible penis. Also can be visually change through a complete shaving the penis length.

But there are actually a few methods for penis enlargement , which also act . The stretching is one of them . The most common practice is called Jelquen . In this case, the penis is heated , for example, with a warm washcloth . Subsequently, the member is started with massage oil in the shaft up to the glans easily pulled away from the body until a slight tension arises . It is held for about 10 seconds . The stretching should be repeated several times . Special stretching devices for penis accomplish the same task . In this type of penis enlargement but you should make sure that no to fixed voltage is produced. Even with penis pump you can change your size and penis length. In connection with the penis enlargement you certainly are encountered time and again on creams or pills, which are to change the length of the penis . One effect of such agents is sometimes even available science, however these only help in the short term and not for permanent penis enlargement .

Do you need to change the length of the penis but because the sex is hardly ever possible , there is a medical problem that usually makes a surgery for penis extension is required. Of course this is a safe and effective but also costly method . Just when but also the psyche is affected by the problem , the operation is often paid for penis extension by health insurance.

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Before you have , however, already decided mentally to a means of penis enlargement , you should ask yourself whether you really need to change your penis length. Much more important than the length is in fact the thickness . Why ? It’s simple . The female sex organ is sexually irritable at exactly two places – on the clitoris and the first third of the vagina. You read that right , a longer penis is therefore not also more stimulation for the woman , quite the opposite. A short, thick penis stimulates even particularly good.

How does the sperm quality can be increased

When a man makes really concerned about his semen quality ? Exactly, mostly when it is already too late. Male fertility is not , of course, and just when the wish for a child is present, men should also be possible to keep healthy sperm in the eye. But please do not take this literally , for the preservation and increase in semen quality , there are better methods namely – we will tell you .

First, you should make yourself aware of but what makes a good quality seeds at all . Crucial to this question , both the amount of sperm , as well as their size, shape, and motility. The amount can be quite active influence , while you can favor the rest at least .

Testosterone is the magic number one when it comes to semen quality . The key male hormone satisfied in addition to a number of important features that make a man a man, and the regulation of sperm. A high testosterone level provides for a greater amount of healthy sperm . One factor that may be generally beneficial effect on semen quality is diet. Balanced and healthy they should be rich in protein and many vitamins. When the meal plan lots of fish, fresh fruit and vegetables contains that’s worth something . And did we mention lots of exercise , sports, or even add best strength training will feel the sperms fiddle . Because in addition to poor nutrition also contribute to obesity and stress reduction in semen quality . Sport can act against both well known . Finally , much sex also affects the sperm . Frequent sexual activity stimulates sperm production and ensures that the sperm in the testis does not age , but always remains fresh and healthy .

But that is only half the battle in the fight for healthy sperm , because it is equally important to get the seed quality. This is done mainly by the fact that it omits certain things. A long and intense heat on the testicles should in any case be prevented. The weekly sauna session is of course not great affect semen quality , the constant use of a seat heater on long and frequent car rides there is. The testicle is cool by nature , than the rest of the body and should remain so. Another bugbear are cigarettes and alcohol. The two drugs affect people in fact adversely affect semen quality and sperm damage in case of abuse even dramatic. Not many men would however like to do without one, two glass bottles or alcohol, but at least you should not give up on healthy sperm regularly or excessively drinking and smoking at the very best . Of course the same applies to other drugs.

Masturbation is healthy

Masturbation is blind prejudice to the potency, can soften the brain and spinal cord disappear . Do you believe this ? Hopefully not , because that is arrant nonsense from the past . In the 18th And 19 Century believed in science but in fact this humbug and launched large-scale operations against masturbation . Just like the church strengthened himself against masturbation and does so partly still to this day. However, to completely wrong. The love in and of itself , as Woody Allen called masturbation is so beautiful , that even healthy and promotes well-being in many ways. Many seem to know this instinctively , because polls indicate nearly 100 % of men to masturbate every now and then and that’s a good thing. Good reasons for masturbation there anyway to satisfy .

During regular masturbation , the sperm has a chance to age. Already after 3 to 4 days, the remnants of sperm in the testes begin to be bad, by no later than 8 to 10 days, they are completely dead and damage in addition the newly produced semen. A regular masturbation , however , the sperm keeps it fresh .

Another feature of masturbation is the increased production of testosterone. Scientific studies have shown that the levels of the male hormone after masturbation increases tremendously and in turn more sexual lust with him . But not only that testosterone also has a very positive effect on the muscle. To a small extent even some muscles , such as the forearm , upper arm or shoulder are trained by masturbation.

Often we come to the question whether the power can be ” consumed ” by masturbation . No, of course not . Quite the contrary, the power of the man is strengthened by the self-gratification. When masturbation creates a kind of training effect, which can greatly improve the erectile function . In addition, through masturbation can improve endurance during sex , so you hold out longer in bed. Stops man masturbation just before orgasm and then puts a small break to repeat the games a few times, can minimize the risk of premature ejaculation significantly .

Anyone who has trouble falling asleep , should , before he picks up the sleeping pill , maybe even try once hand to create . Because masturbation has a sleep-promoting effect and helps the brain off . It is also believed that the masturbation is useful against inflammation of the prostate , and it could even prevention .

Finally, the self- satisfaction is also important to stay mentally fit. Namely the masturbation can very effectively relieve the everyday or extraordinary stress. This facilitates not only the mind but also provides for strengthening the immune system .

As you can see , masturbation is guaranteed not bad and certainly no shame . Quite possible that masturbation should of course not lead to a complete replacement of intercourse , but any man who has not yet had a bad conscience about the masturbation can be sure that he not only himself , but also his partner is doing something good with it .

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